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you can’t hide forever. crossover roleplay.

you feel bad when you know that people out there, don’t know what’s coming. they think the world is perfect that only humans and animals exist. but there just delousional. real life have these creatures that are hard to believe, these creatures are dangerous, even beautiful. The ones that know they exist are pulling it together to save the others. death from these creatures can scare you, at least those people died knowing what was really out there. this is not paradise. it will never be

Character’s Most Needed:

  • Damon Salvatore
  • Kol Smith
  • Dean Winchester
  • Elijah Smith
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Sharlotte Winser // Hunter // Open

Shar has been a hunter since 16. she has her mom, that’s all she has. her father left them when she was young, he didn’t like the idea of vampires and demons. not even angels. but the good thing is Shar believed her mother. Her mom tried to stop Sharlotte from coming into this lifestyle, but Shar came into it anyway. so from then on they have hunted together. 

  • Love Interest’s are Dean&Sam
  • Friends are Dean&Alaric&Ghost!Jo

Maya Clark // Witch // Open

Maya was raised in a long line of witches, other than the Bennett’s, her family has survived. She is very powerful, more powerful than the Bennett’s, And not just cause she’s young. Maya has both of her parents, but not for long, her mother is dying from lung cancer, she’s tried to fix her mom, but nothing has worked. 

  • Love Interest’s are up to player
  • Friends are Bonnie&Sam 
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Sienna Chambers // Human/Demon // Open

Sienna was born half human and half demon. the reason to this is, is because her mother was possessed while pregnant. 

  • Love Interest’s are Jeremy&Kol
  • Friends are Jo&Jeremy
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Kol&Dean Needed for crossover roleplay

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